Crypto markets remain unchanged – litecoin decreases most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 23 February, 15:16

Eos increases and xrp decreases on calm crypto markets

Christian Ploog, 22 February, 10:28

Eos and litecoin soar the most on increasing crypto markets

Christian Ploog, 21 February, 10:00

Crypto markets show mixed numbers – ethereum declines after the increases

Christian Ploog, 20 February, 10:34

Eos rallies 22 percent on rising crypto markets

Christian Ploog, 19 February, 11:10

Crypto markets are rising by $5 billion – ethereum rallies over ten percent

Christian Ploog, 18 February, 11:06

Biggest cryptocurrencies show green numbers – litecoin increases the most

Christian Ploog, 16 February, 11:30

Calm markets – litecoin increases most of the biggest cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 15 February, 09:55

Small declines in the crypto markets – eos loses the most

Christian Ploog, 14 February, 10:05

Analysis: This week's lesson is to always use the function "stop loss" when trading with cryptocurrencies

Trijo News, 13 February, 14:55